"C" Is for Coyote (Alphabet Paper Craft for Kids)

Updated on December 14, 2019
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I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

"C" is for Coyote
"C" is for Coyote | Source

Craft With Letters (And Animals!)

This fun coyote craft will have you howling at the moon. Teach children about the sound the letter “C” makes, and make learning fun with this easy-to-assemble craft they will love to create. Get children interested in learning facts about coyotes—for example, they are nocturnal and will eat just about anything.

Materials and Supplies

The supplies you will need to create the coyote craft are:

  • Construction paper in brown, black, and white (optional: yellow for the moon)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black marker (fine point)
  • Glue

Gathering The Right Supplies
Gathering The Right Supplies | Source

Step 1: Create the Letter "C"

On brown paper, use a pencil to draw out the letter “C.” Be sure to use a pencil when first drawing the letter so any mistakes can easily be erased. The letter should be drawn into points at the top to represent the ear and at the bottom to represent the tail. The top point should be slightly narrower than the bottom point. Trace the pencil with a fine point black marker so that your drawing will be easier to see.

Draw out the letter "C"
Draw out the letter "C" | Source

Cut along the black line with scissors.

Cut Out The "C"
Cut Out The "C" | Source

The finished letter "C" is ready to be transformed into a coyote. Let's go to Step 2!

Finished "C" Cut Out
Finished "C" Cut Out | Source

Step 2: Draw the Coyote Head

Making the head will require a second piece of brown construction paper. Place the letter “C” where the top curve is approximately halfway between your second piece of paper. This will give you an idea of how big to draw your head. Also, make sure you place the tip of the paper so that when the head is drawn it will look like the coyote’s first ear. Draw the head as its pointing upward as if looking at the moon. The mouth should be drawn open so your coyote can let out a howl. To do this make two long finger shapes with the one closer to the point slightly longer with a slightly pointier look for the nose. Now trace the pencil with the black marker.

Drawing The Coyote Head
Drawing The Coyote Head | Source
Trace With Black Marker
Trace With Black Marker | Source

Cut out the head allowing extra space underneath to glue to the “C”. I kept my extra piece curved like the letter to ensure it won’t show underneath.

Cut Out The Head
Cut Out The Head | Source

Now all that's needed to complete this coyote head is a second ear. Let's have a howling good time creating it.

Step 3: Draw the Second Ear

Draw the second ear to go behind the first ear (top point of the letter). Make this ear slightly shorter than the point of the first ear. To do this slide a piece of brown paper just behind the head and top point of the letter. Draw the size according to the head and the first ear. It is almost in the shape of a horn. Trace your pencil drawing with the marker to make it stand out better.

Draw The Second Ear
Draw The Second Ear | Source

Cut the ear out following the black lines. Be sure to leave an extra piece of tab for gluing the ear to the coyote.

Cut Out The Second Ear
Cut Out The Second Ear | Source

Listen... I think I hear a howl in the distance. Let's walk over to the next step and see how to create the coyote's feet.

Finished Second Ear Cut Out
Finished Second Ear Cut Out | Source

Step 4: Create the Paws

This coyote is sitting as he howls. He will need a short back leg and a long front leg to give this impression. First, start with the back short leg. Take a strip of brown paper and place it underneath the bottom left side of the letter “C”. Draw the paw with a rounded oval shape with a pencil. Add three lines to create the toes. The line in the middle should be slightly longer than the outer two outer lines. The outer lines should swoop slightly toward the outer part of the paw. Trace the pencil lines with the black marker. This will be duplicated on the second paw.

Draw The First Paw
Draw The First Paw | Source

Cut the paw out being sure to leave a tab for gluing the paw to the letter.

Cut Out The First Paw
Cut Out The First Paw | Source

For the second paw and leg, another sheet of brown paper will be needed. Place the paper directly in the back of the letter “C”. Be sure to overlap so that enough space will be left to create a tab for gluing. Start with the pencil to draw the leg and paws. The top line of the leg should start just above the center point of the letter. Bring it down at an angle and then draw the paw to size of the first paw. The bottom line of the leg should begin just under the center point of the letter. Again bring the line down at an angle about halfway. Then angle it even more to create the joint of the leg. Now create the toes the same way as done on the first paw. Trace the pencil with the black marker.

Draw The Second Paw
Draw The Second Paw | Source

Following the lines cut out the second paw and leg being sure to leave a tab for gluing.

Cut Out Second Paw and Leg
Cut Out Second Paw and Leg | Source

Everyone knows a coyote needs a nose. Did you know that a coyote sense of smell is 60 times better than ours? A coyote sense of smell is very important for its survival. It uses it to find prey and avoid danger. In our next step, we will make a nose that our coyote would be proud of? "Sniff, Sniff is that rabbit I smell."

Step 5: Create the Nose

A coyote can not howl at the moon without a nose in the air. Simply take a piece of black paper and draw a small ½” circle with a pencil. It should be just small enough to lay on the end of the coyote’s snout. No need to trace with a black marker as pencil shows up best on black.

Draw The Nose
Draw The Nose | Source

Cut out the nose turning the scissors in a circular motion.

Cut Out The Nose
Cut Out The Nose | Source

A coyote has great eyesight. They even have night vision and can see perfectly at night. Let's create an eye for our coyote.

Step 6: Create the Eye

Make the eye by first starting with the eyeball. Use a piece of white paper and a pencil. Draw the eye in a flying saucer shape with points at both ends. The eye is pretty small, less than an inch wide. I do not trace the eye with black so the white stays cleaner when it is cut out.

Draw The Eye
Draw The Eye | Source
Cut It Out
Cut It Out | Source

Next to make the pupil of the eye use a piece of black construction paper. Line up the white eyeball to the edge of the black paper. Draw a line with a pencil even with the eyeball on the other side. This will give the size to make the pupil. Draw an oval-shaped pupil vertically from the edge of the paper to the line drawn.

Sizing The Pupil
Sizing The Pupil | Source
Drawing The Pupil
Drawing The Pupil | Source

Cut the pupil out careful to follow the shape drawn. The pupil will sit in the center of the eyeball perfectly.

Cut Out The Pupil
Cut Out The Pupil | Source
Finished Eye
Finished Eye | Source

Step 7: Assemble the Coyote

Assemble the coyote using glue. I prefer using white school glue when assembling my coyote. Glue the pieces created as seen in the photo.

*Note before gluing: When creating more than one coyote for multiple children use all the pieces created at a template. Simply trace all the pieces and cut out. Have the children assemble the coyote as they wish. Making an example for them to follow may help them create a coyote they can be proud of. Another trick is to stack a few pieces of paper and cut more than one out at a time. This will save lots of time!

Assemble and Glue
Assemble and Glue | Source

Step 8: Create the Moon (Optional)

If a moon is desired for the craft simply use a piece of yellow paper and draw a half-circle arch with a pencil at the corner of the construction paper. Trace the pencil with the black marker. Cut the moon out and glue it to the top left corner of a black piece of construction paper. Glue the coyote to the bottom left of the black paper with the moon. The coyote now howls at the moon.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi


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    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      7 months ago from AZ

      Thanks Purvi. I am really happy to hear you liked the craft. I appreciate your comments.

    • PurviP profile image


      7 months ago from India

      Superb, Jason.

      You have good knowledge of crafting. I also like this craft idea of the letter 'C'. Everyone can understand easily because you add all images of cutting and drawing.

    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      7 months ago from AZ

      Thanks so much Lorna. Its really fun to see these come to life. The children really feel proud of themselves when they complete the craft. I feel that fun learning is the best way for kids to retain information.

    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      7 months ago

      I enjoy the way you make these letters a fun thing to do Jason. Once again really well detailed and easy enough for little hands. Good one.

    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      7 months ago from AZ

      Thank you Qudsia. This one was lots of fun to come up with. Hope you enjoy my other crafts as well.

    • Nicoartz profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason Nicolosi 

      7 months ago from AZ

      Thanks Lora. I am so glad you like this craft. I really am hoping it can help to make learning a more fun posite experience. Watch for more to come, and thanks again.

    • Qudsia Sajjad profile image


      7 months ago from pakistan

      such a nice invention

      good job Nicoartz

    • Lora Hollings profile image

      Lora Hollings 

      7 months ago

      What a clever craft and such a fun way to help children learn what sound "C" makes and interesting facts about coyotes! The design is wonderful and your very detailed instructions with pictures make it easy to make. This is a craft that children would love to proudly display in their rooms. Great job!


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