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Button Craft Project Ideas: How to Make Easy Crafts With Buttons

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Check out these 10 simple craft project ideas for buttons!

Check out these 10 simple craft project ideas for buttons!

The Humble, Versatile Button

Buttons are an inexpensive, fun craft material that can be used for a wide variety of art projects. With a number of options for jewelry, office supplies, and home décor, there are enough ideas here to keep you creating for many hours. Whether you are making crafts for yourself, for gifts, or to sell, there is something here that will fit your interests and needs. Many of these projects are kid friendly. Happy creating!

Please note that regardless of other glue recommendations in tutorials, I highly recommend using only E-6000 for all magnets, tacks, and button jewelry that requires gluing. You will need to use it in a well well-ventilated, but it is worth it for the extra strength it ensures. Scrapbook glue, hot glue gun glue, and Mod Podge are fine for paper projects and wall decor.

1. Button Bracelets

One of the most popular options for button bracelets is charm bracelet-style button bracelets where buttons are attached to links with jump rings. I have included several examples of other button bracelets, too. All of these designs can be completed with basic wire or bead weaving skills. Fun options for button charm bracelets include using buttons of various sizes, experimenting with monochromatic and multicolored palettes, and adding beads and/or charms.

2. Button Earrings

Button earrings are so fun and unique. I guarantee that you will always get comments when you wear any style of button earrings. You can create simple post earrings with single buttons or double-stacked buttons. I have included an example photo of double-stacked dangle earrings, too, as well as a couple of examples of button cluster dangle earrings.

3. Button Necklaces

I have concentrated most of my button jewelry energy on bracelet and earring designs and have only created a handful of necklaces. You can take any of the previously featured bracelet and earring designs and transfer the concept to necklaces. Pay attention to how the buttons hang and do some "test runs" with each new design to see if the concept wears as well as if it looks flat.

4. Button Rings

I have not found a good craft store source for purchasing ring blanks. If you have one, please feel free to leave it in the comments. There are numerous resources for purchasing them online. Buttons rings are insanely fun and work up really quickly, which is good because all of your friends will want them when they see yours.

5. Button Pins/Brooches

Buttons pins follow the same concept as button rings except that you attach a pin back instead of a ring blank. Pin backs are available at most craft stores, although normally only in one, maybe two, sizes around 1" (1.3 cm) to 1.5" (3.8 cm) long. If you're looking for anything smaller or larger, you'll most likely have to look online. If you don't want to wear a pin on your clothing, it will make a great addition to a purse, backpack, or electronic case (i.e. smartphone case, laptop bag).

6. Button Hair Pins

You can see in the photo examples here that I prefer to use bobby pins with large flat ends because it is easy to attach buttons securely to these types of pins. If you have trouble finding them, they're often labeled as a covered button or fabric button supply, as many people choose to use them for that as well. Alternatively, you can use the black and brown pins that are available at any drug store or big box store. Many people find these types of pins more comfortable, even though they will be harder to use for crafting.