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Blacksmith Classes in Maryland

Blacksmithing and Chainmaille Classes in Maryland Searching for classes on blacksmithing and metalworking? Listed below are four options for classes ranging from forge safety and hammer work to more complex pieces of art and jewelery.

The Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland holds classes for beginners taught by members of the guild. This guild offers introductory classes in blacksmithing as well as classes in forging iron roses, knife making, copper enameling, tool and jig making, and forge welding. Classes are located at the Carroll County Farm Museum. The beginner's blacksmith class costs $175 and runs from 9am-4pm over two days. They also offer knife making, hammer forging, and forge welding. Call 410-386-3881 or Email to register for classes.

The Chesapeake Forge Blacksmith Guild offers an introductory course to teach safety and basic forging techniques. The final project is to forge a fireplace poker. Classes are scheduled based on interest, so contact the instructors directly in order to register. Classes take place at Kinder Farm Park in Millersville, MD. The best way to contact is to Email Must be eighteen or older to register for classes.

Broken Hammer Forger is another location offering classes ranging from beginner to intermediate forging. Furthermore, this forge offers private lessons to fit any schedule. Classes are scheduled by demand. Teenagers are allowed if accompanied by an adult. All tools and lunch provided. The classes run $220 per person, but they will also let you form and group and then work with them to schedule small group classes. Contact them via Email or telephone 410-482-7863. The forge is located at 16373 Oakland Road Henderson, MD 21640.

For less conventional metalwork, why not try working with chainmaille jewelery? East Street Beads located at 922 N. East Street in Frederick, Maryland offers courses learning how to work with chainmaille rings and turn it into jewelery. However, there is no forging involved in the process. To sign up for classes, contact the store by phone 301-624-2323 or email

Map of Blacksmith Workshops in Maryland

Station North Tool Library Classes

The Baltimore Station North Tool Library is an amazing resource for DIY-ers of all types living in Baltimore City. The Tool Library is just what it sounds like- a place where Baltimore residents can rent the tools to complete home projects. There is also an "open shop" space, meaning an area where Library Members can come to work on carpentry, metalworking, etc with all the tools in easy reach. To use the library or open shop, and before taking any classes, you must take a mandatory safety class. After that you may begin signing up for any of their amazing offerings!

Their most popular class is the Chef's Knife making class. Students "cut steel, design and shape a knife blank, grind a secondary knife bevel, heat treat 1095 high carbon steel, make a handle from natural materials, and go home with your own chef's knife!" They also offer a huge variety of woodworking classes, from making a coffee table to your own skateboard. If your DIY blacksmith urge tends toward the practical, take one of their home improvement classes. Classes range from $65 to $220 depending on materials and time needed.


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