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Making the Most out of Waste: A DIY Paper Plate Craft

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As an art and craft teacher by profession, most of my articles are related to art and craft ideas.

Collect together materials you have around and follow the steps below to create something beautiful for your wall.

Collect together materials you have around and follow the steps below to create something beautiful for your wall.

Turn Recyclables Into Art

Make the most of your trash! Some of the things that would otherwise end up in the dustbin make great materials for craft projects.

Here are a few examples:

  • Paper, including envelopes, scraps, and colored pieces. It's good for the environment and saves money to use good paper rather than toss it out.
  • Old magazines contain photos and other graphics that can easily be cut up and used in art projects.
  • Old newspapers are useful for papier mache and collage.
  • Clean ice cream and popsicle sticks.
  • Fabric, ribbon, lace, and buttons.

Creating new things out of waste is very satisfying, and this certainly is one of the best pieces I have created. Since I started making art out of recycled materials, I have developed a habit of saving things. I can make small flowers out of bits of colored paper, pencil shavings, ice cream sticks, and beads. The possibilities are almost endless!

I've broken this project into step-by-step instructions so you can make a beautiful wall piece out of waste material that can be easily found at home.


  1. One styrofoam plate
  2. Acrylic paints and a brush
  3. A few sheets of colored, textured, and shiny paper
  4. A glue stick
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. Some paper with shapes or figures that you like
  7. Six ice cream sticks
  8. Ribbon or double-sided tape
Paint the plate!

Paint the plate!

Step One

Using acrylic paint and a brush, paint the plate. Choose some textured paper and cut out a circle the same size as the plate's interior. Paste it into place on the plate.

Lay out the sticks

Lay out the sticks

Lay out the sticks

Lay out the sticks

Step Two

Place three ice cream sticks next to each other vertically, one inch apart. Then glue three other sticks horizontally over the first three. Place a heavy object on top until the sticks are firmly attached.

Cut and attach the flowers!

Cut and attach the flowers!

Step Three

Using another sheet of colored paper, cut out eight small flowers. Using some glittery paper, cut eight small circles and paste them in the center of the flowers. Create some diamond shapes on another sheet of shiny paper and cut them out.

Cut one big flower!

Cut one big flower!

Step Four

Create one big flower and paste a smaller flower on its center.

More flowers

More flowers

Step Five

Cut three more flowers of varying colors.

Bend the petals to make them 3D!

Bend the petals to make them 3D!

Step Six

Using your thumb and fingers, bend the petals a bit to create a 3-D look. Cut out a few leaves and shapes from the design you chose (I chose butterflies). Glue the leaves to the back of the big flower. Glue the big flower, small flowers, and other shapes to the ice cream stick base.



Step Seven

Now paste the base onto the plate. Be careful!

Hang Your Craft and Enjoy!

Your new wall piece is ready! Use double-sided tape to attach a ribbon on the back, so you can hang the piece or use it as a centerpiece on a table.


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