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45 Delightful Styrofoam Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.

Charming faux wood snowmen

Charming faux wood snowmen

DIY Styrofoam Craft Ideas

I love it when I find a craft on Pinterest—or just when doing a Google search—that includes instructions on how to make the item. In this article, you’ll only find Styrofoam craft ideas that include tutorials.

A few of the sites, such as Crafts ‘n Coffee, CRAFTS BY Amanda and favecrafts, have a number of great DIY Styrofoam craft projects on their sites. I only include two links to any particular site in this article, but I want you to know that you can find more projects on those sites.

One of the things I learned while searching Styrofoam crafts for this article is that the Styrofoam sheets can be made to look like old boards—perfect for making wall art and Halloween tombstones.

You can find the tutorial for making the charming faux wood snowmen shown above at Crafty Sisters.


1. Fall Pumpkins

A beautiful fall centerpiece that can be displayed from late September until after Thanksgiving. A really outstanding project. So easy to make when following the tutorial given at dot com WOMEN.


2. Americana Buttons and Stars Garland

Display the red, white and blue garland on all the patriotic holidays. A beautiful combination of stars and buttons. The instructions for making this garland are found at BUTTONS GALORE & More.


3. Flower Ball Pomander

When decorating for a bridal or baby shower, or a wedding reception, consider making flower balls to hang or make into topiaries for table centerpieces. Go to the PIZZAZZERIE site to find the directions for making the flower ball pomanders.


4. Santa's Helpers

These cute little Santa's helpers will be the center of attention because they are so attractive, and to think you can say you made them yourself. The tutorial for making these little elves is found at factory direct crafts.


5. Yarn-Wrapped Carrots

I love the looks of these yarn-wrapped carrots. What a cute Easter decorating idea. Find the tutorial for making the carrots, go to Positively Splendid.


6. 3D Spring Sign

Are you impatiently waiting for Spring? You'll love making and displaying this sign on your mantle or shelf. Check the directions at The Idea Room to see how easy this project is.


7. Dragon Egg

If you love Game of Thrones, you'll love making your own dragon eggs to display. You can easily, and inexpensively do that by going to Our Peaceful Planet for the instructions. I know nothing about the Game of Thrones, but I do think these dragon eggs are fantastic.


Which Glue to Use

Learn which glue is best for gluing Styrofoam to another piece of Styrofoam, or for gluing to other surfaces, by going to the wikiHow site for the information. Save time and frustration by knowing which glue to use, before starting the project.


8. Snowball Fight in a Bucket

I don't know how good an idea it is to have snowballs, ready for firing, inside the house. Of course the kids will love these snowballs and will have a great time with them. And kids come in all ages! Make a bucket of snowballs by going to The Moon and Me for the instructions.


9. Happy Hairdo Harry

I think this would be a cute birthday party activity for the kids. I'd have the Styrofoam shapes glued together before hand, and just have the kids do the decorating. Have yarn, buttons, lollypops, etc. ready to use for the clown. You'll find the instructions to make this super cute clown at What Happens at Grandma’s.


10. Flowers and Butterfly

For a bright and colorful addition when decorating a child's or baby's room or for Spring table decor, consider this flower and butterfly project. PLAID has all the instructions for making this craft.


11. Snowman Trio

To make these cute snowman ornaments, notice that you'll use Aleene's True Snow or Glitter Snow to give them a textured look. You'll find the instructions and list of supplies needed when you go to the CraftElf site.


12. Penguin Procession

When you visit the Make It Fun site, you'll find the tutorial for making these penguins.

13. Autumn Leaves Prints


14. Designer Snowballs

You can use styrofoam balls or the old satin covered styrofoam balls to make these beautiful chenille covered designer snow balls. The easy to understand instructions are found at MITZI’S MISCELLANY


15. Fabulous Felt Owls

The hardest part of making these fabulous felt owls is deciding which colors of felt you want to use. You can make owls for any season or any occasion you choose just by the colors you use. Go to factory direct crafts to find the simple and easy instructions.


16. Simple Snowman

Sometimes the easiest and simplest projects are the very best. To make the snowman shown above, go to It's a Mother Thing for the instructions.


17. Styrofoam Art

This is really an attractive, and inexpensive way to add color to your decor. Find the tutorial at Thorn in My Heart.


18. Turkey Place Cards

You'll positively love making these turkeys when you go to Positively Splendid for the instructions.


19. Faux Steel Letters

Guys will appreciate these faux steel letters, as will the gals that don't like lots of frills and color. These letters would be a nice decorator touch for a college dorm room or a guy's birthday party. When you go to the ONE MONTH TO Win IT site, you find the directions for making the faux steel letters.


20. Burlap and Twine Wrapped Balls

You'll definitely find a place for these beautiful, chic burlap and twine wrapped balls.


21. Ruffled Tree Wall Art

When you visit the Clean & Scentsible site for the tutorial to make this tree wall art, you'll see how white felt circles are used for the trees. That and the burlap used in this wall art give it a shabby chic appearance.

22. Making Styrofoam Puppets


23. Tombstones

Your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood when you make these tombstones and turn your lawn into a cemetery this Halloween. A very nice Styrofoam craft project with a tutorial at ALL FREE CRAFTS.

24. Disco Ball


25. Paper and Ribbon Eggs

A combination of beautiful scrapbook papers and narrow ribbons and then decoupaged on Styrofoam egg shapes, and look at the outcome. Fantastic! Go to MOD PODGE ROCKS and you'll find the instructions for making these gorgeous eggs.


26. Christmas Tree Ornaments

I could definitely go for a Christmas tree filled with these little tree shaped ornaments. Yarns and sequins make up part of the instructions at Craft Passion. Some other additions might include rhinestones, buttons, seashells, etc.


27. Rustic Chic Snowballs

Imagine a huge glass bowl filled with these snowballs. An elegant look for your Christmas decor. These snowballs look so real that they look like they could melt. Rustic Crafts is the place to go to find the tutorial for this craft project.


28. Bunny Long Legs

Wouldn't this Bunny Long Legs and some of the carrots shown in an earlier project look cute in an Easter centerpiece? When you go to the Crafty Journal site, you'll find the directions for making Bunny Long Legs.


29. CD Saturn

You need an old CD to make this Saturn planet. It would be fun to make a solar system, and include this Saturn planet, for a classroom project. Find the instructions for making this CD Saturn at Our Peaceful Planet.


30. Fat Cat Ornie

Such a cute fate cat using a paper mache method. Find the tutorial at

31. Family Finger Puppets


32. Vintage Snowman Ornament

That super cute nose, on this vintage snowman ornament, is made by wrapping wire around a pencil. Other ideas for noses would be cinnamon sticks, a stumpy piece of twig or a golf tee. This is another terrific craft with instructions at CRAFTS BY Amanda.


33. Koala Bears

A koala bear craft especially for kids to make. Very easy with a chance to paint and glue. Also uses google eyes, which kids love to use. Very short and easy instructions for making koala bears is found at favecrafts.


34. Large Monogram

Make an outstanding and elegant wreath using a large monogram. Learn how to make a large monogram like the one shown in the wreath above by going to the in my own style site.


35. Snowman Garland

I love the idea that it is appropriate for the whole winter season. This craft and instructions are found on the CRAFTS BY Amanda blog.


36. Yarn-Wrapped Duck

This is one of those easy crafts that make you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" You can see how cute this little duck is and it's just made with wrapped yarn. The instructions to make the yarn-wrapped duck are found at favecrafts.


37. Minnie Mouse Centerpiece

Simply Being Abby thought up a way to decorate with a Minnie Mouse theme without making it a difficult job. You'll find the tutorial for making the Minnie Mouse centerpieces shown above, on the site.


Styrofoam Tips and Techniques

To make crafting with Styrofoam fun and easy, go to CraftUprints for a bunch of tips and techniques that will definitely make the process easier. This is well worth a quick read.


38. Clown Puppets

You'll find patterns for making clown and king puppets when you go to Aunt Annie’s Crafts for the directions for this project.


39. Beaded Snowflake

A very elegant ornament that can be used for more than just Christmas decor. Go to CRAFTS-FOR-ALL –SEASONS for the tutorial. Consider painting the Styrofoam ball center with color or add glitter.

40. Make a Paper Flower Ball or Topiary


41. Kissing Ball

You'll find the tutorial for how to use medicine cups and Styrofoam balls to make kissing balls at From These Hands. A nice decoration for weddings, bridal and baby showers, Christmas and New Year parties.


42. Vintage Snowmen

When you visit the Rachel Teodoro site for the tutorial to make these vintage snowmen, you'll be surprised at the covering technique. Easy and very effective!


43. Fabric-Covered Letters

The Design Tabloid is the site where you'll find the tutorial for making fabric-covered letters. This would be great decor for a teen girls room.


44. Faux Glass Ball Floats

Make nautical glass ball floats by following the instructions at Crafts by Courtney.


45. Paper Towel Ghosts

I made these ghosts a few years ago and I still bring them out each Halloween. If you like to decorate for Halloween, but you don't want the project to be expensive, you'll enjoy making these cute paper towel ghosts that you can display year after year.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

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Loraine Brummer (author) from Hartington, Nebraska on July 28, 2015:

Hi PAINTDRIPS! I'm with you, I don't like that painted styrofoam look either. I was really pleasantly surprised to see so many outstanding Styrofoam projects that are available, with tutorials, on the internet today. We've come a long way, Baby!

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on July 28, 2015:

Most of the time, I hate styrofoam that LOOKS like painted styrofoam. So many craft projects end up that way. But most of these don't look like styrofoam at all. I will have to give these projects a try. Thanks.