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Make a Simple and Inexpensive Pet or Doll Bow in 20 Minutes

I love teaching how to make simple crafts that anyone can make.


Make Beautiful Floral Hair Accessories!

A fun and easy activity you can do for your pet is to create a flower hair accessory. You only need minimal and inexpensive materials, and it only takes 20 minutes to make!

You can use this as a creative project for younger children who want a simple and fast craft project. I guarantee they will be proud of the results. Let's begin!


What You'll Need

  • One piece of felt (any color)
  • One bag of pom-poms (any color)
  • One piece of sturdy cardboard (for a stencil)
  • Rubber bands (1/4" small doll rubberbands work best)
  • One skein of embroidery yarn (to match the felt and pom-pom)
  • Larger sewing needle
  • Scissors

Please Note:

These materials can be purchased at any craft store and will allow you to put together approximately 10-20 flowers. This depends on the size you choose to make each one.

Cutting the petals

Cutting the petals

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1. Trace and Cut a Flower

Trace and cut out a flower of your choosing on the piece of cardboard. Daisies work very well, as does any flower with large petals. The cut-out will serve as a stencil to trace on the piece of felt. After tracing the stencil, cut the design from the felt.


2. Stack the Petals

You can stack several pieces of felt petals for a fuller flower or use just one felt flower to complete this project. Take a pom-pom and two rubber bands. Using the embroidery yarn, connect the petals, pom-pom, and rubber bands as shown above.

Sewing the back together

Sewing the back together

3. Secure Everything Together

In the center of the flower, insert the needle with the embroidery yarn through the pom-pom. Do this several times for strength because the pom-pom hides the thread. Once the pom-pom is in place and you have the needle on the back side of the flower, connect the two rubber bands on the reverse side of the flower using two or three loose stitches.

Note: Do not insert your needle through the rubber bands because they will break or weaken. I recommend using two rubber bands in case one breaks.

You're Done!

Wasn't this project fast and easy? You can easily whip up a batch to use for pets, dolls, or even any child's hair. What color combinations would you choose?