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5 DIY Flower Vase Ideas for Your Home

You don't need traditional vases to display your flowers and plants.

You don't need traditional vases to display your flowers and plants.

Vases are a classic vessel for flowers but that doesn't mean you have to stick with the same boring vases everyone else has in their home. You don't even need to use a traditional vase to display flowers and plants.

You can repurpose other items in your home and turn them into stunning vases for your favorite flowers. Unsure of where to start? Read on for unique DIY flower-vase ideas that will make your arrangements stand out.

Tiered Mason Jar Flower Vases

Mason jars are the ultimate symbol of rustic chic. Mason-jar flower vases are like the little black dress of home decor. There are so many ways to use them, and they always look fantastic.

A mason jar is also a fitting vessel for your fresh-picked blooms. They're inexpensive, simple to store, and easy to track down. You can even find suitable mason jars at local yard sales and thrift stores to repurpose as flower vases. Once you fill them with flowers, display them individually or in groups for more visual impact.

Here are some ideas for customizing mason jars to create vases:

  • Wrap a piece of jute around the mason jar for an instant farmhouse-style vase that is perfect for a summer wedding centerpiece.
  • Dress up your mason jar with paint, wire, and colorful beads for that cute, shabby chic look.
  • Use a simple ribbon to dress up a plain jar.
  • Paint your mason jars using metallic spray paint in silver or gold for an elegant look you can use year-round.
  • Cut some stencils and spray-paint them onto the jar (using a painter's tape to secure).

The possibities are limitless! Use your creativity to create a mason jar masterpiece.

DIY Painted Vases

Painting a plain glass vase is a simple way to make it more decorative. You can paint the entire thing one color or use multiple colors in different patterns. This allows you to choose a color scheme that matches your decor or even paint seasonal patterns on the vases.

If you're not very artistic, you also can use tape on a glass vase and spray-paint over it. This creates decorative borders on the vase that can be used to match any season of the year. Another idea is to use stencils instead of tape to spray paint over.

Perfume Bottle Vases

Did you know perfume bottles make charming flower vases? With just the right shape, size, and color, these containers are ideal for all kinds of flowers. Use a clear bottle or one with a beautiful design. Just make sure to clean the bottle before using it as a vase. Other ideas:

  • Use a tall perfume bottle as a skinny, elegant vase
  • Place small blooms in short perfume bottles
  • Coordinate colors by filling clear perfume bottles with colored water
  • Display mini bouquets in vintage perfume bottles

You also can find perfume bottles at thrift stores or garage sales for less than $5 each, which makes it easy to collect a number of them and create a unique display.

If you want to take it one step further, you can paint the top of the perfume bottle lid to match your decor or floral arrangements. The possibilities are endless, and you will be surprised how this simple trick can make your floral decor look amazing.

Tin Can Flower Vases

Ready to put old tin cans to work for you? Paint an old tin can and fill it with flowers. Tin cans from the kitchen or recycle bin make great containers for displaying fresh-cut flowers. Simply paint the outside of the tin can with a coat of spray paint, let it dry, and then add a second coat of spray paint. Then, fill the tin can with water or floral foam and insert the stems of your favorite cut flowers into the foam.

Shallow Bowls as Vases

A shallow bowl of water can make a striking vase for cut flowers. This idea works especially well for single-stemmed blooms such as lilies, irises, and tulips. Use one flower or several, depending on the size of your vessel and the look you're going for. To add volume, include a few greenery stems and floating candles. Here are other ideas based on this theme:

  • Place flowers in a small vase inside a larger one filled with stones or pebbles for an interesting contrast of shapes and textures.
  • Create a modern look by placing flowers in geometric-shaped containers such as square bottles or round bowls.
  • Use colorful fruit as the water source for your flower arrangement by placing a vase inside a fruit bowl filled with lemons or oranges.

Enjoy These DIY Vase Ideas

Start thinking out of the flower vase and start seeing every container you pick up as a potential flower holder. How could you modify it to make it unique? The possibilities are endless. There are a dizzying array of ways to re-purpose containers and use them to hold flowers. So, before you buy a flower vase, make sure you don't have one in your house already!