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5 Scrapbooking Apps for iPad


From embellished albums to digital scrapbooks – scrapbooking has come a long way. Traditional scrapbooking may not be dead, but digital scrapbooking surely has become more popular than the former.

Creating a digital scrapbook is cheaper than a print scrapbook, which may be the reason why print scrapbooking is on a decline. Plenty of special kits and software products can assist you in combining several graphical elements to create a photo album on a PC. A creative hobbyist may, however, prefer a tablet PC over a computer to create a prettified photo album.

Starting a scrapbook on an iOS-powered tablet PC is indeed a novel idea. Easy touch screen-based controls + a variety of applications can make scrapbooking quite easier and rewarding. You can take advantage of some cool scrapbooking apps for iPad to create one. Check out these top app choices:

1. ScrapPad





ScrapPad is a free app that lets you create quality scrapbooks using a variety of graphical elements. You can add plenty of themes, backgrounds and embellishments to your photo album. An assortment of kits is available free with this app.

Free kits can be used to create multiple scrapbooks for special occasions like birthday, wedding ceremony, costume party and many more. You can also create Halloween and Christmas-themed scrapbooks using special festival-themed kits. Besides free kits, ScrapPad offers plenty of paid kits that are being made available via in-app store.

What I like about ScrapPad is its simple user interface and excellent presentation. All elements are neatly tucked in easy-to-notice spots. Just upload your photos to the app, drag and drop backgrounds, borders and stickers to your layout and voila! Your scrapbook is ready. The completed scrapbook can then be shared with your friends via email or Facebook.

The application costs $4.99 and lets you create unlimited scrapbooks. The best part is that there are constant updates that add plenty of fun graphical elements to the app at regular intervals.

2. Coolibah



Scrapbooking can be immensely enjoyable with Coolibah on iPad. This app can help you create your own scrapbook by dragging and dropping bright, colorful layouts, frames, borders, frames and your prized photos to the scrap board. You can then move, rotate or make them big using your fingertips. The app gives you full control of all elements and makes it easier for you to bring overlapping elements to the front or send them back using your fingertips.

With Coolibah you can create unlimited scrapbook as well as unlimited pages on a scrapbook. The free kits available with the application are totally out-of-the-box and suitable for both budding designers and expert scrapbookers. Each kit’s design is unique, charming and eye-catching, which makes scrapbooking an incredible experience.

Coolibah was once a paid app and there were certain usage limitations in the free version. Now developers have made the application totally free. The app is updated regularly with new themes and designs and is available at the iTunes store.

ScrapBook - Tell Your Story

ScrapBook - Tell Your Story

3. ScrapBook: Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story is another amazing scrapbooking app for iPad. It lets you do more than just stick embellishments to your layout. You can add voice notes, interactive maps and stunning audio-visual elements to prettify your scrapbook. Once your digital scrapbook is created, you can turn it into a slideshow or a fun flipbook and share it with your friends via Facebook.

ScrapBook: Tell Your Story makes touch screen-based scrapbooking quite rewarding. The app’s touch-based interface lets you resize and rotate graphical elements with your fingertips at ease, mix notes, photos, maps and voice and create an excellent journal. You can drag and drop multiple elements to your digital journal.

Regular updates include plenty of new elements, including skins, themes and other embellishments. Skins include a variety of font colors, styles, borders and frames that can really make a huge difference to your newly-created scrapbook.

4. Skrappy



If you want to create a full-fledged photo album, then Skrappy may be the right app choice for you. After selecting a theme, the fun part of scrapbooking begins – you can add plenty of design elements and embellishments such as borders, clips arts, backgrounds and frames. You can also turn your scrapbook into an audio-visual extravaganza by adding multimedia elements like music files, video files and voice memos.

Skrappy also offers plenty of touch screen-enabled editing choices and looks like a photo-editing app. You can crop objects and photos, mask them into shapes, add layers/reorder them and tweak adjustments to rotate and move objects. You can also change the color, brightness/contrast, hue and sepia settings of a photograph. I love the masking option that lets me fit photos into different types of shapes like square, oval and circle.

Skrappy is a cool app, but costs around 2 bucks (in pounds). But for a cost, you get plenty of editing options, themes and backgrounds. It’s a mini-Photoshop-cum-scrapbooking application and quite good interface-wise.

5. Scrap IT


Scrap It makes digital scrapbooking an enjoyable experience. Its top-notch art, exceptional controls and objects allows you to create stunning scrapbooks for all occasions, be it birthday, wedding or a festival. Instead of a scrapbook, you have a nifty “scrapboard” that lets you arrange photos, add stickers, frames, backgrounds and create visually-enticing digital journals.

Scrap It contains over 1000 graphical objects, all professionally-designed to give your scrapboards a cool look. You can zoom, pinch-zoom all objects and move them with your fingertips. Once you’ve created a scrap board, you can share it with your friends via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Tablet-based digital scrapbooking can be fun and scrapbook apps like Scrap It for iPad makes this experience even more fruitful and satisfying.


Nathan on February 05, 2014:

ScrapPad currently costs $4.99 in the iTunes store.