5 Genius Ideas for Leftover and Lost Socks

Updated on April 19, 2017

It happens to all of us — somehow we lose socks and are left with lonely leftover socks without a purpose. It always seems so wasteful to just throw away those leftover socks but what can you do with them that is actually useful and not too weird?

There are life hacks with all kinds of suggestions, but like most life hacks they don't work quite as well as advertised or aren't really worth the effort. Here are five easy and practical ideas for those socks that will leave you wishing you had more leftovers.

1. Ice Pack

Sooner or later we all need to use an ice pack for an injury. Some people more than others, especially with children around! An easy, practical and inexpensive use for a mismatched sock is to use it as an ice pack cover.

An ice pack directly on your skin can do more harm than good so instead slip that zipper sealed bag of ice inside the leftover sock and you will be able to ice that injury and even be able to absorb the moisture from the melting at the same time.

2. Game Pieces

There is nothing that can ruin a family game night faster than not having all the game pieces! Give a leftover sock a great new purpose and never lose track of those game pieces again. This is as simple as an idea as possible just store all those pieces and die in a sock and close with a clip or rubber band and you will be all set for the next game night.

3. Stress Ball

Who couldn't use a stress ball in their life? Simply put some play-doh in a zippered seal bag and place inside a leftover sock and you have an instant stress ball. You can do this easily and finish it off with a knot or rubber band. This is a really great use for kids and baby socks that get leftover. I like to use adult socks and turn it into a larger stress ball or even a double ended ball that can work as a grip therapy as well.

If you are feeling crafty you can sew a nice finish to the stress ball or make it look like a piece of fruit or animal but whether you go for the quick and easy for crafty delight this is a great use for a leftover sock of any size.

4. Whiteboard Eraser

I hope your dry erase or whiteboard is not as full as the one pictured above but either way if you own one you know that keeping it clean is not easy. The marker residue is terrible and the erasers that you buy, or that came with your board, just don't last that long.

Enter the lost sock hero! That leftover sock makes a great board cleaner and then you can wash the sock over and over and save yourself a good amount of money. Slip that sock on your hand or ball it up and wipe away and you will have a clean board and a sock with a purpse.

5. Car Window Defogger

A foggy car window is a huge hassle and I know I can never remember if I am supposed to put the air on cold or hot to get it cleared and hate to wait for it to happen. How about a simple sock use that will keep you windows clear?

Put self absorbing (and clean!) kitty litter in a mismatched sock up to the ankle area and close with a rubber band. Put a second sock over the first and place on your windshield and you will be "litter"-ly amazed at the results. This could be a life changer in the purpose of leftover socks.

There you have five genius hacks for leftover, lost and mismatched socks! You can always cut the toes off of socks and make leg warmers, use old socks for dusting or make a hacky sack but these ideas should give you some practical and easy uses for those socks.

The next time the dryer eats a sock just use the leftover for one of these projects and you will almost be glad you lost the first sock.

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