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How to Teach Kids to Draw Using the Alphabet

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Alphabet Drawing!

Kids can learn how to draw much more quickly with the help of letters. At a very young age, kids learn to recognize alphabet letters through charts, toys, or by being taught at playschool. But they start drawing by scribbling before they learn to write their letters.

Drawing becomes interesting and easy to understand when introduced with alphabets. There are basic shapes that form letters but which can also be made into pictures. Imagine how we can make a simple doll with the help of the letter A or a rainbow using sideways B and C, for example.

Drawing is very important for young children. Drawing improves wrist movement and hand-eye coordination, which will make writing letters and numbers easier later.

Here are some straightforward instructions for drawing using only letters. I hope you will like them and that they help your child learn to draw!


An Umbrella With D and J

  1. Draw an inverted D.
  2. Draw J below D.
  3. Make 5 curves on the "sleeping" line.
  4. Erase the line leaving on the curves.
  5. Double the J's lines.
  6. Draw a circle at the center of the umbrella.
  7. Join the points to this center circle of the umbrella.

A Party Hat With A and W

  1. For the cap, draw the letter A.
  2. Join the bottom edges with a straight line.
  3. Draw wavy lines to make the frill.
  4. Decorate the cap with simple lines and shapes.

A Joker With A and W

  1. For the joker, face add the letter U at the bottom of the A hat.
  2. Add eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.
  3. Draw the neck and three-layer of frills.

A Funny Face With A and B

  1. Make a letter A.
  2. Just below, make a letter B so A is a cap for B. Make your letters nice and big.
  3. Give B one eye, a round nose, and a big mouth.

A Leaf and a Burger With D

  1. For the leaf, make a letter D, straight or at a slight angle. For the burger, make a D lying on its side, straight-edge on the top.
  2. Draw a mirror image D the one you have made.
  3. For the leaf, extend the middle line a bit to make the stem and make a letter V three times on this center line to form the leaf's veins.
  4. For the burger, add two wavy lines from top and bottom of the middle middle line for lettuce.

A Table With F and U

  1. Make an inverted F and join with a mirror image F.
  2. Draw a trapezium shape for the tabletop.
  3. Double all four F lines.
  4. Draw anything on top of this table. I made a book, lamp, and pen holder.

A Chair With F and U

  1. Make the bottom part of the chair the same way you did for the table only shorter and not as wide.
  2. Draw inverted U for the top of the chair and any design over this U.

A Lotus Flower With U and T

  1. Make a fairly big letter U.
  2. Make a T just below.
  3. Draw three upper petals on the U.
  4. Draw two side petals and one center petal right, left, and facing down on the T.
  5. Erase the T and draw a big leaf starting from the face-down petal all the way around the flower and coming back to the same point.

A Kite With A

  1. Draw the letter A.
  2. Make an inverted A like a mirror image below the first A. This will look like a diamond shape.
  3. Join the right and left edges with a straight line.
  4. Draw eyes, nose, and a mouth.
  5. Draw a wavy line (kite string) starting from the bottom edge of the kite.

A Fish With A and X

  1. Draw a letter A a little stretched out.
  2. Make a letter X from the centerline of A.
  3. Join the bottom edges of the X with a curvy line.
  4. For the fins, draw lines from the edges of the A, ending at a suitable point.
  5. Draw the eyes and make some texture on the fish.
  6. Add wavy water lines.

A Butterfly With B

  1. Draw a letter B.
  2. Make a mirror image B towards the left.
  3. Draw the middle part of the butterfly body by splitting the center line into two slightly curved lines.
  4. Draw a mouth, antennas, and eyes.
  5. Draw any texture over the wings.

A Koi Fish With D

  1. Make one big inverted D.
  2. Draw a wavy line coming out of the right corner edge and join as shown in the image.
  3. Draw a tail that looks like the letter M.
  4. Erase the sleeping line of D.
  5. Draw the fins and eyes.
  6. Draw texture over the body similar to what is shown in the image. A herringbone texture can also be added at the top.

An Ice Cream Cone and Apple With A and D

  1. Draw an inverted V. Join the top edges so that it looks like a triangle.
  2. Draw three curves like clouds for the ice cream.
  3. Add a cherry on top.
  4. Draw texture over the cone.

For the Apple

  1. Draw letter D and mirror image D.
  2. Draw slight inside curves at the top and bottom of the center joining line.
  3. Erase this center joining line as well as the left out part of the curves.
  4. Add ta stem.

A Rainbow With B and C

  1. Draw a letter B lying on its side.
  2. Draw letter C over the B.
  3. Draw 5- 6 small curves on both the curves of B.
  4. Erase the B curves, leaving the small curves.
  5. Add eight more lines to complete the rainbow.

A Doll With A

  1. Make the letter A.
  2. Draw an O on top.
  3. Add hands coming out of the top of the A.
  4. Draw a face with a bow and earrings.
  5. Decorate the frock with a pocket and fringe.
  6. Add shoes, bangles, or a purse.

A Spiderweb With A

  1. Make a plus sign with a cross over it.
  2. Draw a line in the center of each segment, which will look like an A. All lines must be at the same position in each segment.
  3. Now add another line in each segment. It will look like a smaller A inside the big one.
  4. Your web is ready. Next, draw a spider!

Ice Cream in a Glass With D and Y

  1. Make a letter D on its side, straight edge down.
  2. Draw letter Y just below the Ds straight line.
  3. Draw a small circle to make the base of the glass at the bottom of Y.
  4. Draw a wavy line over D to make cream and add a cherry on top.
  5. Draw a slightly curved line below the line of D.
  6. Erase this straight line and leave the curved one.

A Parachute With D and V

  1. Make a letter D.
  2. Add a letter V just below.
  3. Draw another compressed V inside the first V.
  4. Extend the top edges of the second V to the center of the D curve at the top.
  5. Draw a small rectangle below the V for a basket.

A Tree With O and J

  1. Make a letter O and draw a J just below.
  2. Make another inverted J facing right.
  3. Draw small curves all around the letter O.
  4. Erase the O, leaving the curves.
  5. Draw a small V in between the two Js.
  6. Draw grass at the bottom, covering J.

A Bird With D and O

  1. Make a slanting D and an O on top of it.
  2. Draw a triangle for the tail and a letter V for the beak.
  3. Add eyes, feathers, and legs.


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