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12 Easy and Unforgettable DIY Centerpieces

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Kathy is a freelance writer for Textbroker and Constant Content and a published author in "Neon Rainbow Magazine."

Centerpieces featuring roses, candles and creative wine corks!

Centerpieces featuring roses, candles and creative wine corks!

Handmade Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the perfect way to add a pop of color, a bit of natural beauty, elegant sparkle, or even a touch of whimsy to your tabletop. Whether you're hosting a special celebration or simply want your table to look spectacular for everyday use, DIY centerpieces are the perfect solution. You can use elements found in nature like flowers, seashells and dried grasses, or even whimsical items like wine corks, tiny umbrellas, or pinwheels for touches of fun and humor.

Incredible centerpieces are easy to make. Add some of your own original style and take off with your idea! Your table will quickly become the talk of your event and a focal point for your home. It can also help your invited guests to get into a festive mood.

Colorful DIY Centerpieces Create an Unforgettable Ambiance

Colorful and creative centerpieces help draw the eye to your beautiful table tops and help to accentuate the other decorations used in your home. You can choose to stay with the colors chosen for your event or go with the most prominent colors in your home if you are making DIY centerpieces as extra special home accents. Here are some terrific DIY centerpieces that add a dash of color:

  1. DIY Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece - These can be made with bright, primary-colored balloons for festive celebrations and children's parties, or use softer pastel-colored balloons if you're making them for a baby shower, anniversary or wedding. You can even find hot air balloon netting online to add extra authenticity.
  2. Brightly Colored Mason Jars - For bright, cheerful accents for a child's party or an interesting focal point for a baby or wedding shower, DIY centerpieces made with brightly colored mason jars topped with balloons or flowers are hard to beat. To paint mason jars, just use a small amount of acrylic paint and swirl it to coat the insides of jars. You can also use colored tissue paper or colored foam if you'd rather not use paint
  3. Clear Jars Filled with Bright Objects - Another sweet centerpiece idea is filling clear jars with brightly colored objects. This can be done by using multicolored candies, buttons, fruits, plastic Easter eggs, gumballs, marbles, or any other brightly colored objects that go along with your party theme, or that you can dream up! This is one idea for DIY centerpieces that will truly test your creativity in the most fun way
Mason jars can either be painted, or you can find multicolored mason jars that are ready to order if you're pressed for time!

Mason jars can either be painted, or you can find multicolored mason jars that are ready to order if you're pressed for time!

DIY Centerpieces Featuring the Natural Beauty of Flowers

Flowers always add a natural and classic touch and draw attention when they're used as part of your home decor. It's no different when they are used as attractive centerpieces for your table. Flowers that work especially well in DIY floral centerpieces include colorful lilies, hydrangeas, roses and carnations. Other nature-inspired centerpiece additions can include dried grasses, dried moss, sand, and seashells. Here are some nature-inspired ideas for DIY centerpieces:

4. Flowers in Vases or Interesting Containers - This is where your creativity can really shine by placing colorful or elegant flowers into clear jars, metal containers, baskets, wooden crates or other containers you can think of to add textural interest. People who love hydrangeas know that these flowers are especially colorful and as a bonus, they come in large blooms. You can even add submersible LED lights when you use clear glass containers for an extra wow factor!

5. Centerpieces with Woodsy Accents - Woodsy outdoor accents can include dried grasses, pine cones, dried seed pods, colorful gourds or other things you might find on a nature hike. These DIY centerpieces work especially well for rustic wedding decor, or for a celebration with an outdoor theme

6. Centerpieces with Ocean and Beach Inspired Elements - Things included in this centerpiece are sand, seashells, colored sand and nautical fishnet to create a truly timeless beach-inspired, oceanside ambiance. Whether you choose to put seashells into glass jars with candles or use a huge seashell alone as your base for your centerpiece, let your imagination take over and create sea-inspired creations that are worth a second look!

Elegant Sparkle Adds Flair and Panache

DIY centerpieces made with a dash of sparkle or a lot of sparkle can add a sense of elegant shine to your decor. Elements like rhinestones, faux gemstones, sparkly beaded garland and even small shiny Christmas bulbs can make your centerpiece stand out in a memorable way. Here are some sparkly ideas for interesting DIY table centerpieces:

7. Centerpiece Jars with Sparkle Accents - You can coat the insides or outsides of jars with sparkly accents like rhinestones, glitter or shiny river stones to make this centerpiece the epitome of sparkle. Add floral accents or glittery coated branches to create extra interest

8. Candlelight and Mirror Centerpieces always Exude Romance - DIY centerpieces with candlelight as the main focus are always in style. Make them really shine by placing them on a mirrored surface using either a solid mirror or mirror pieces grouped together. Candles can work well on their own as centerpieces, or find floating candles to place in water for an extra glamorous fairy-tale touch

9. Round Shiny Ornaments - Place various sizes of round, shiny Christmas ornaments into a large glass container, and feature shiny beaded garland that has been interspersed throughout the arrangement for interest. You'll find shiny ornaments in colors like blue, silver, gold and white that also work well for anniversaries or weddings. As a nice accent, wrap a piece of complimentary colored ribbon around the glass jar. In no time, you've made sparkly magic!

Vases full of ornaments: Simply elegant to add sparkle to your most festive table!

Vases full of ornaments: Simply elegant to add sparkle to your most festive table!

A Touch of Whimsy!

Humor is always on-trend and people love adorable DIY centerpieces that truly put them in the mood for the party! Take a look at these adorable ideas for whimsical centerpieces and you'll find yourself inspired as well!

10. DIY Minnie Mouse Centerpieces - For a small child's party or for Disney lovers of all ages, a Minnie Mouse centerpiece quickly becomes a conversation starter and a focal point! Incredibly easy to make using black Styrofoam balls (found at several craft stores) in various sizes and red and white polka dot ribbon, this centerpiece makes a huge creative statement while adding extra festivity to your DIY party centerpieces. They can be made with or without flowers at the base. This video shows how to make them with floral accents

11. Pinwheel Centerpiece - Remember pinwheels from your carefree childhood springtime days? They are back in a colorful, creative way when you use them to create DIY centerpieces. Place them in clear containers filled with tiny marbles or rocks, or use them in shiny flowerpot garden containers or baskets for that outdoorsy ambiance

12. Centerpieces From Unexpected Whimsical Components - Try crafting your own unique centerpieces from unexpected whimsical components like tiny rubber ducks, mini drink umbrellas, mini fans, diaper pins or pacifiers for a baby shower, or any other creative elements you think would make the perfect centerpiece for your special occasion. The sky is the limit when you use your imagination!

Minnie Mouse centerpiece: Another cute idea using polka dot tissue paper and colorful flower pots!

Minnie Mouse centerpiece: Another cute idea using polka dot tissue paper and colorful flower pots!

Centerpieces Are Festive and Fun!

Your get-together will be a rousing success when you use some creativity in your choices of centerpieces and decor. Whether you go elegant or whimsical, natural or colorful, your event and your tables will quickly become memorable focal points and fun backdrops for photo taking. The most important thing you can do is to have fun putting together your decor. The sense of joy used to create your centerpieces will make them shine!

Author's Note

Many of the supplies you'll need to make your beautiful, memorable DIY centerpieces can be found by visiting craft stores or online at Amazon. In just a quick search, I was able to find black Styrofoam balls at several craft store websites online. Even items like pine cones and seashells can be readily purchased at craft stores, eliminating the need to find those items yourself in nature, unless you're inspired to go for a nature walk—then by all means do that! You may be able to save a bundle by picking up baskets, clear jars and bottles, metal containers and other items to create your centerpiece bases at thrift stores. Have fun crafting!


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Thank you, mactavers! Those were two of my favorites, too! And because we have young granddaughters, I liked the Minnie Mouse ones, too! Thank you for reading.

mactavers on April 25, 2017:

Loved the mason jars with flowers, and the Christmas ornament ones. Thank you.