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9 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Calendars

Sarah is a certified Hatha, Vinyasa, & Kundalini yoga teacher. She is an artist who believes in the importance of living a creative life.

How to creatively upcycle old calendars

How to creatively upcycle old calendars

Giving Life to Old Calendars

Modern society is seeing the negative effects of the throwaway, wasteful culture that permeates our life today. Making small and creative everyday choices can help to build a more sustainable world and bright future for the environment of which we are all a part.

One of those choices may be to simply look at the things we normally toss out and consider what new life we could give to them. Here we will be focusing on some fun and simple ways to re-use old calendar pages. You can apply these ideas to other objects and paper products as well, such as magazines, worn out books, and greeting cards.

Once you begin the practice of re-using and re-purposing, you will start to see the potential of transformation all around you!


1. Frame It

Chances are, if you picked out your own calendar, you chose it for a reason. Maybe it had cats in yoga poses that made your smile, or inspirational nature scenes that excited your spirit.

The nice thing about wall calendars is that they usually contain fairly good quality images. Look through the pages and select a few images that excite or inspire you the most. For a cost-effective framing solution, you can pick up some old frames at your local thrift store (just make sure they are in good condition).

Trim the image to fit the frame if necessary. You could even create a gallery wall with multiple images hanging together. Framing the artwork in calendars gives them a longer life and allows you to enjoy them in a new way.

Frame old calendar images!

Frame old calendar images!

2. Greeting Cards

There are several ways that you can transform calendar pages into greeting cards. You can cut the image down to a smaller size to adhere to another piece of paper, or simply fold the whole page in half.

Give your greeting card a nice clean look by gluing or taping a blank sheet of paper to the inside. Inscribe a personal message and you’re all set! See below for how to make an envelope for your card!

3. Gift Tags

Gift tags are a great way to utilize small or leftover scraps of calendar paper. Cut the paper into a simple shapes, such as a square or circle, and then punch a hole in the top. Thread a piece of string through the hole and attach to your gift. Easy!

Add a little extra design touch by using a craft punch for a more decorative edge.

Use as gift tags

Use as gift tags

4. Jar Insert

Jar inserts are great for gifting, centerpieces, and as decorative containers for the home. The best part is they are incredibly easy to make: Simply cut a strip of your calendar that is the same width as the jar, and roll into a cylinder shape to place inside.

Allow the paper to expand to fit against the inner edges and secure in place with a few discreet drops of glue if desired. Viola!

5. Scrapbook Accents

Calendar pages can easily be used to create unique and creative additions to scrapbook pages. You can use the entire page as a background, cut out specific images, or make unique shapes. Layer with photographs and ephemera to complete your scrapbook project.

Add a special touch to your scrapbook.

Add a special touch to your scrapbook.

6. Collage Elements

Along the same lines as scrapbook accents, calendar pages also make great material for collage. You can choose to cut out specific images, or simply fun shapes.

Pay attention to color and visual texture. Use a mat medium or white glue mixed with water to adhere the paper pieces to either a board or another firm paper.

Continue to layer until the desired look is achieved, and finish with a final coat of medium to secure everything in place.

7. Gift Wrap

For small objects, calendars make great gift wrap. Use a full size image and trim off any borders. Intentionally place the object you are wrapping if there is a specific image you want facing up.

8. Gift Bags

Calendars with thick pages make excellent bags for small gifts. To make a gift bag, use a small box as a template. Wrap the box just as you would a normal gift, but keep one side open, and then carefully pull the box out, so that you have an open bag remaining.

Add some tissue paper or ribbon to complete the look.


Books are a simple and fun way to utilize your old calendar pages. Tuck one of these handmade bookmarks into the next book that you are gifting or it can even be the gift itself!

Cut your calendar pages into long think strips. Gluing two pieces back to back will make the bookmark sturdy and reversible. You can stop here, or add any embellishments that you like, such as punching a hole and tying a ribbon to the top, or adding text with a paint pen.

Get creative and have fun!