Recycled Soap With Honey Recipe

This recipe and step-by-step guide (with images) shows you how to recycle soap bits to make homemade soap with added honey. You can also scent it with essential oils and fresh or dried herbs, and optionally colour it with food dye.


How to Make a Custom Guitar Pedal Board

Building your own guitar pedal board doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. This simple rack is easy to make, built sturdy to take abuse, and it keeps your stomp boxes organized with the cables tucked neatly underneath. The size can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. And it looks good!


How to Hand Sew a Binding for a Card or Booklet

There are many ways to join together pages for a card or booklet. Hand sewing your binding is a creative way to add a personal touch while providing a sturdy join for your pages. Hand sewing a binding is easier than you think and only requires a few basic materials.