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10 Printable Washi Tape Designs for Your Next Creative Project

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Susan is a stationery enthusiast and loves writing about how to make the most out of your stationery.

Use these printable washi tape designs to decorate a planner, use in a creative project, and so much more!

Use these printable washi tape designs to decorate a planner, use in a creative project, and so much more!

Looking for Printable Washi Tape?

If you're on the lookout for some great new washi tape printables, you've come to the right place! In this list, we're going to take a look at some of the best printable washi tape there is, including airmail washi tape, as well as patterns with polka dots, stripes, and varying color schemes!

Versatile and Decorative

These can be used in digital scrapbooking, graphic design, and so much more! For instance, if you have your own online scrapbook, then you could incorporate these into your scrapbook by simply cropping the designs and then including the washi tapes in your digital scrapbooks.

Or you could print out these digital assets too! Washi tape stickers can be a fantastic way to decorate your notebooks and journals. Plus, if you print the designs below on label paper, they will also be self-adhesive and can be added to envelopes too.

Let's get started!

1. Summer Polka Dots

This super cute polka dot washi tape will add a pop of color to any creative project. If you're looking for subdued, pastel tones, then this is the washi tape for you!

I've been using this washi tape for adding cute touches to polaroids which I've added to my wall, as I absolutely adore the pastel tones throughout.

With sky blue, mauve, and gentle yellow tones, this washi tape is perfect for adding a summer touch to any letter or bullet journal. I also found a resource, which has lots of aesthetic printable stickers, and some of them include washi stickers just like this one! I'd recommend it if you want more printable designs.

Get inspired with these printable washi tape designs!

Get inspired with these printable washi tape designs!

2. Airmail Washi Tape

Airmail washi tape is fantastic for adding a cool postal touch to bullet journals and diaries. You can also use this washi tape to decorate letters to penpals too!

The printable airmail washi tape below features a darker blue, red, and white color scheme, but for a brighter color scheme, I've also included another brighter example in the list too. You'll find this variation below.

I love using this washi tape when sending letters, as they make great envelope seals. If you're mailing a card to anyone, you could also add some of this washi tape to the envelope also for a lovely touch.


Best Ways to Use Washi Tape Stickers

If you're looking for some cool ways to make use of these printables, I've compiled some inspiration to help kickstart some ideas and showcase the potential and possibilities!

  • Mail seals: You could seal an envelope with a cute washi tape sticker!
  • Polaroid decoration: You could also add some washi tape to your polaroid collages too!
  • Planners: An image of this is shown below as an example!

3. Pastel Polka Dots

This bright tape printable contains a lovely combination of summery colours, including fruity orange, Fuschia, and lovely purple tones.

These pastel polka dots would look amazing in bullet journals, planners, and so much more!

I'd really recommend this printable if you're looking to add a summer touch to your bullet journal or if you're looking to add a nice addition to planners. The bright polka dots will certainly add a beautiful splash of colour!


4. Orchid Polka Dots

These orchid washi tape stickers are perfect for adding a lovely lilac touch to your bullet journal. With a cream background and lilac polka dots, each sticker is super cute and has a lovely color scheme overall! I'd definitely recommend adding these strips to your bullet journal!

You could combine these with floral collages or vintage ephemera for a lovely combination! The orchid tones work beautifully with vintage and retro scrapbooking materials.


5. Bright Airmail

This design features a brighter color scheme, perfect for that extra pop of color! If you want to add a postal touch to your bullet journal

These also work great with vintage ephemera and kraft paper and would work wonderfully if you combined them together!

You could also use these as mail seals or for closing envelopes too! They'd add a glorious and vintage touch overall!


6. Lilac and Blue Stripes

I'm a huge fan of anything pastel, which is why I decided to create a cute color scheme involving lilac and light blue! I think these two colors work beautifully together and would add a cute and light touch to any bullet journal or planner.

You could use the washi tape as a color coder for your planner, for example. Or you could decorate polaroids on a wall with this, too, simply by adding some washi tape to the corners of images!


7. Elegant Polka Dots

These washi tapes would make a lovely addition to bullet journal themes and letters to penpals! With a beautiful background and purple polka dots, these washi tapes look super elegant, I must say! They have a beautiful quality to them which would look so amazing in a variety of contexts, no matter where you want to use them!

I'd definitely recommend adding these to spring, and summer-themed bullet journal spreads; for instance, the washi tapes could be used within a cherry blossom-themed bullet journal spread!


8. Rose and Lilac

If you're looking for pastel-themed washi tape, then I'd really recommend the digital asset below, which contains beautiful washi tape designs in more subtle tones!

These pastel washi tapes would look great when combined with summer and spring bullet journal layouts, for instance, May bullet journal layouts or spring-themed layouts too! Or you could incorporate these into your digital scrapbooking whenever you've created a pink or purple aesthetic theme!


9. Sky Blue Polka Dots

These calming and serene sky blue polka dot stickers would look great as part of your bullet journal spreads! With a gentle blue background and white polka dots, these washi tape stickers are very calming to look at, at least for me! I've been using these as part of my bullet journaling, mainly as part of my weekly spreads during Winter!

These labels would go beautifully with sky themes, cloud stickers, ocean imagery, and so much more. These would go beautifully with the Aqua Planner Dots found in this collection of cute stickers to print.


10. Poptastic

For a bright pop of color, why not try out this cool set of washi tape strips? Featuring bright and bold colors, this is absolutely perfect for Summer and Spring! I've used these washi tape strips as part of bullet journaling, and they look great when paired with fruit themes or floral themes also.

I absolutely adore the bright colours here, and they'd simply look wonderful in summer-themed bullet journal layouts, that I know!


How to Print the Washi Tape Designs

To make the most out of the printables, simply right-click on one of the images and click "Save Image As . . . ". The image will then download to your PC. If you open up a Word document, you can then insert this image into the document and print it! If you've pasted the image into a document, you can now resize it as you see fit.

If you require larger washi tape stickers (for mail seals, for example), then you could resize the image slightly so that it suits your preferred dimensions!

To ensure that the washi tape stickers are adhesive, you'll also need to print them onto label paper also. Once your designs are printed, you can cut each sticker out and then remove the backing. You can then stick this wherever you like!

Thanks so Much for Reading!

I hope you've found some cool washi tape printables and that you've seen some cool designs! Washi tape is such a cute and fantastic addition to bullet journals, and the right design can really bring a layout to life. Envelopes and cards will also benefit from a nice touch of washi tape too!

If you have any comments or suggestions, make sure to drop them below, as I'd be delighted to read them!

Thanks so much again for reading, and wishing you all the best with your next creative project!

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