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6 Tips for Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing

Dylan is a freelance writer who enjoys trying out new ways to be creative and express himself.

Are you lacking that wonderful spark of creative energy that enables you to pursue your art? Read on for six tips for getting your creative juices flowing!

Are you lacking that wonderful spark of creative energy that enables you to pursue your art? Read on for six tips for getting your creative juices flowing!

How to Renew Your Creative Spark

I woke up this morning with absolutely no inspiration or creative drive. As someone who sets a goal every morning to do something creative and who also relies on creativity to get their job done, this is a big problem.

I don't like beating myself up over a lack of creativity, but I also don't like sitting around and waiting for it to come. So, I decided to write an article on restarting that creative drive within yourself. If you're struggling to produce creative content or art, here are some ways that you can get your creative juices flowing:

1. Walk Away From Your Work

Like it or not, there always comes a time when we need to walk away from our work. Whether it's for two minutes or two years, it's entirely up to you. However, the biggest step you need to take is just to get up and take a break. You might return back to your work with a sense of freshness and excitement.

If you've already taken a break and you still are not feeling inspired or creative, start working on a different project and shift your mind away from the work that is causing you problems. You may come back with a new idea, or you may scrap your project altogether for something better than your original idea. (Keep in mind that scrapping your work or walking away from your project for long periods of time does not necessarily apply to your real job. If this is the case, I'm afraid that you're going to have to suck it up and get your work done!)

2. Get Out of the House

The house is always one of the biggest killers of creativity. Even if you've totally renovated a room, found a beautiful, sunny spot, and surrounded yourself with inspirational quotes and artwork, I can almost guarantee that you will still feel stuck at some point.

Instead of sitting inside and staring at your art or at your computer screen, get outside and take a walk or visit one of your favorite places. Inspiration comes from so many surprising places. Unfortunately, your home is usually not one of them.

3. Take a Nap

I absolutely cannot be productive or creative when I am running on low energy. Although I will sometimes take an energy pill in order to overcome grogginess or exhaustion, it definitely doesn't help me feel more alert or awake enough to get through a creative project.

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Opt for a nap instead. Not only will it make you feel recharged, but it may give you some inspiration if you have a dream. However, make sure to set an alarm if you plan on taking a nap. It's never a pleasant surprise to wake up from a nap, only to realize that it's been well over 30-minutes since you decided to lie down.

4. Just Sit Down and Do It

I know, it seems surprisingly silly to even recommend this, considering "just doing it" is the exact problem that you're having. However, take a moment to really think about it. When you're feeling unmotivated and uninspired, you avoid your work. You make a conscious effort to try to avoid the project at hand rather than just sitting down and starting.

Clear your thoughts, get your project out, and just start DOING. When we overthink about how we don't have the right idea, or it's not quite planned out yet, we end up wasting more time complaining about it than actually working on it. Ignore those pesky thoughts that make you doubt your abilities and get to work!

5. Draw From Older Ideas

I have thousands of great ideas from the past that I have just never followed through on. Sometimes it's because the ideas weren't solid enough to do anything with, and sometimes it just wasn't the right time to execute it. Well, guess what? That time is NOW.

Flip your old idea books and look for something that you can bring to the present. Nothing is more exciting than reviving an old idea and expanding upon it. You might even find that it was the project you should have been working on all along!

6. Work With Someone Else

I have some great news for you. There are literally millions of other people on this planet who may have creative juices that are currently not stagnant. How does this help you? These people may be potential co-creators or people that you can draw ideas from! Reach out to people you may know or even people you may not know for help and ideas. The answer to your problem may just be in the person sitting next to you.

Creativity Is in Our Minds

The truth about creativity is that it is all in our heads. A lack of creativity is the product of a bored, tired, unstimulated mind. Once you utilize these tips and start taking your project seriously, I believe that you can definitely get the creative juices flowing again!