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Zsuzsy Bee

I've just become "me" again. For the last thirty-some years I've only been Mom this, Mom that... to three. My last Baby just finished college and already dove feet first into her professional future.

So now what? Am I suppose to know who I was or who I am now? I was born in Hungary, grew up in Belgium, came to Canada in 1969 at age 15 (there is a quick math quiz for you) was married by eighteen, first time Mom by age twenty, soon after baby number two, struggle struggle... separation, divorce, baby number three. Blah blah blah how boring.

A self employed tailor's life is full of work , work, work, stitch, stitch, stitch.

So who am I now? I don't really know, because I'm positive that chunky old broad in the mirror is not me. She has my coloring, wears the measuring tape around her neck, has a dozen or so pins stuck to her shirt, and a couple hanging out of her mouth. That one would probably benefit from oil of olay or some such cream.

I wonder should she be put out to pasture? NO how, No chance. Life should start right NOW.

Now is a good time... I'm waiting... waiting... .
Where to start?

What's on the "future" list?
More grand-babies (hopefully). Write, write some # one articles, a few bestsellers. Make some money, lots of visits from all of my three offsprings and their families, travel to Hungary to find my roots, sewing, quilting, knitting... I'm still researching all there is to know about herbs for my Master Herbalist thesis as I whole heartedly believe in the benefits and the healing power of herbs and much, much more. That should take up a bit of time, then regroup...

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