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Robin Turner studied Psychology and art at UNCA, then completed her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with Walden University in May of 2015. From there, she went on to a career in sales and marketing. She is a member of Psi Chi psychology honors society and the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS). She also studied art at UNCA, and has been involved in art since discovering her artistic talent at age 7. She recently served as president of a local non-profit art gallery.

Robin studied drawing and took drafting in high school, was in the U.S. Navy, then later earned an Associate's degree in Mechanical Drafting Technology. She has had a large family, homeschooled, been a single mother, taught toddlers, substituted at elementary and middle schools, raised teenagers, been a habilitation assistant, had her own businesses, been a content writer, self-published a children's book, driven a rural area bus route, finished college as an older adult, changed careers as an older adult, and raised a grandchild for a few years.

Her art career has had many fits and starts but has endured throughout her life, and recently come to the forefront. She realized how driven she is by art, and the desire to help others, and currently focuses on encouraging people who are struggling with life's ups and downs, especially in relation to artistic endeavours. Her wide variety of experiences and interests give her many insights, and she enjoys writing as a hobby.