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Carolyn Augustine

When I was in college, I told a friend that I dreamed of living in the Sonoran Desert. This dream was realized from 2001-2010 when my husband and I moved to Wickenburg, Arizona, the Dude Ranch Capital of the World. Read about some of our adventures in my travel and lifestyle articles about the Desert Southwest. When children came along, the adventures included a good measure of comedy. I've shared these as well.

Home is always where you are planted, and we are now blooming in Eastern Iowa. I've fallen in love with the good people of the Land of Tractors, and the stunning views of the mighty Mississippi River are powerful in winter and summer. There's something rich and inviting about the turned black earth that used to be prairie, and in spite of family challenges that include a brain tumor, life is still beautiful.

I hope you will enjoy sharing my passion for the American West and children's literature. When I lived in Arizona I volunteered as a library storytime presenter and my over 50 articles about children's books include reviews, lesson plans, and themed lists. I hope you will enjoy exploring children's lit and love reading as much as my family and I do.

My western hubs are eclectic, and range from collecting antique saloon tokens, types of cowboys, western art, literature of the American West, and a Day in the Life Sonoran Desert. If you are thinking of retiring to the desert Southwest, you may want to read about protecting your small pets from the wildlife that abounds there. If you are headed out to Arizona, please view some of my travel recommendations.

Finally, when life throws you lemons, you learn to make lemonade. I've learned a lot over the years about personal finance and have several articles to share with my internet friends who are trying to squeeze blood from the proverbial turnip. Check out my articles on investing, paying off a home mortgage early, throwing a fun and frugal birthday party, buying baby clothes on the cheap, and looking for the best benefits from your new job.