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I gained a global perspective as a young child. My father was an Army pilot and I grew up on military bases in Germany and in the U.S. I also developed a love for food and cooking in early childhood, first watching my grandmother prepare meals for us and later eating the wonderful foods of Europe.

Im a culinary school graduate with 13 years experience in the kitchen. I switched to the front of the house and restaurant management in 2008. Since then I have entered a state of semi-retirement. I make a living now from trading, the stock market and binary options.

My passion for writing was sparked early in my professional career. First writing for the newsletter of a country club where I worked and later writing articles about grilling. Over the past few years I have expanded my writing to include many things but I focus on personal finance, investing, trading and binary options.

I became passionate about the stock market in 2005. This eventually led to my decision to leave the restaurants and work for myself. Now I enjoy learning and writing about anything related to finance or trading.