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Thelma Alberts

Hi! I´m Thelma, a born Filipina, married to a German. I live in Europe for more than 30 years. As of now, I live in 2 different countries. Philippines and Germany.

I had a good luck and opportunity to have worked in Spa Elysium in Ireland as a massage therapist as I have met a lot of friendly Irish people and it was in Ireland that I have not experienced racial discrimination.

My hobbies are writing, reading, dancing, gardening, traveling and of course baking. I´ve started writing since I left my home country just to voice out what´s on my mind even if it´s only in my own journal.

I´ve accidentally found Hubpages and thought why not??? Now I´m here, want to share my experiences in life and want to learn about everything from other people I´ll meet on this site. I´ll be glad for the comments and pieces of advice of the readers.

I am no longer new to computer technology and but I am still learning every day. Writing on HubPages is fun and I enjoy it very much although it consists a lot of work to produce quality hubs.

Please feel free to leave your comments.

All Thelma Alberts Videos, Recipes (thellyscucina) Hubs and Photos are own by herself. No one is allowed to copy without a written permission from the author.

Thank you very much.

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A runner up of the Valentines LoveHub Contest in 2018

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Contributor in The Filipino Expat Magazine in The Netherlands and PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE, a Filipino-German Lifestyle Magazine in Germany.