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Michele Kelsey

Been in love with knitting for over a decade now. My passion grew from volunteer work I did for Threads of Compassion, an organization that gives scarves to sexual abuse victims who come in to local emergency rooms. The scarves represent a sign of compassion.

I enjoy helping others, volunteer work, and learning new things. I love knitting for charities, for family and friends, and alongside of my internet followers. I enjoy creating patterns and sharing them online. I also write articles on knitting in order to teach and help others and share my gift.

I have knitted over 100 scarves for the charity, Threads of Compassion, and am excited to be joining a new charity by Caron United called the World's Biggest Stocking Project. It benefits family members who have lost a loved one in military service.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, well educated with an MBA, and married for 5 years to my DH, Bryan; he is everything to me. Hit me up on social media! Look forward to meeting you!