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Candle Hour

I am a father with a very wonderful family. Currently I write for hubpages to draw in an additional income flow as well as being able to write about many subjects of interest to me. I will often write about music, animation, film, art, sometimes political/social issues or extreme science or other subject matter.

My day to day life consists of running an Ebay business selling ancient coins as well as holding down a day job as a dispatcher, making claymations, music, other art and spending time with my family and hopefully having a few laughs every now and then.


I am a published author having written a novel while in my teenage years.

I trained to be a commercial pilot and have logged almost 300 flight hours (about half of that solo).

I am a silver powerseller on Ebay.

I have released an independent Electronica/Rock album which can be found here:

I spend some of my free time programming my own video games.

I can play guitar and piano, and also use synthesizers and computer to create/produce my own compositions. 

I also create claymation cartoons and release them to my you tube channel: