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Temoor Dar

Name - Temoor Dar

DOB - 04/07/1991

Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Living in London since 1996.

Books - Interested in medical history and ancient civilizations. read a lot of language books, research articles and many alternative health-oriented books.

Hobbies - Tennis, Boxing, Badminton, medical books, ancient manuscripts, meditation, jogging and traveling.

I am a freelancer and market researcher for various topics. I have made and published articles for various small companies. I also take interest in specific niches, such as medical corpus, scriptures, E-marketing etc...

I have also acquired skills in crafts and arts from Pakistan, England and Sweden. Some of which are pottery, metal forging/welding, Wood sculpturing and resin creations.

My work experience is with a few entrepreneurs whose experience has taught me a lot in life, and if there is enough time, I will give a few tips and tricks on how the world of money works. I also do a lot of freelancing work and am still doing it. My work portfolio consists of ghostwriting, article posts, social media management, reviews and testimonial, data entry, affiliate marketing, blogging, and sales copywriting.