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Talore Hillton

An account of someone's life. That's how Oxford defines a biography. They also add that it is writted by someone else. So, technically, this is really an autobio, I guess.

Anyway, the word account works to get me started on my "bio" since by length of time spent working to earn an income, I was a "career banker" or someone who was engaged in the business of creating wealth. But not for corporations. For regular folk and the financial instituions that paid my salary.

I have my highlight reel moments that include product innovations for a mass market at the corporate level as well as outside the box thinking to jumpstart a small city's economy via residential mortgage lending. Not all bankers are bad and few are rich.

If you asked me what it was that I actually did, I would tell you I was a good problem solver. I started my financial career "at the botttom" when I was nineteen, peaked in my mid-thirties, hit my Peter Principle at about fifty-two and turned to production management at a call centre for a while until a heart attack had my doctor suggest a change of venue.

So, I managed a golf course briefly. It didn't help my health. Apparently, they weren't interested in making things better, so I ended my working career working gaveyard shift in a high end resort as a night auditor, During those years I began writing creatively.

My prior writing experience was all business. SWOT Analyses, discussion papers, board reports, (aka bored reports) etc. Facts, figures, conclusions and recomendations.

There are seventy-two articles in my Hubpages account. They cover a broad range of topics including sports, finance and people I have known. Most have been published at one time or another.

I may be on the verge of beginning to write things down that others may actually want to read. Should that happy eventuality come to pass, maybe then I will make an effort to consider earning revenues for my efforts.