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Tabitha E Cleary

It's taken me a lifetime (and several years of psychology classes) to figure out that I am good at being a mom and good at writing. Family always comes first, but I'd have to say that writing is a close second.

Writing is an outlet for me; it's my companion. It defuses the ticking time bomb that is myself when I become overwhelmed or stressed beyond all belief. It helps me to face my social anxiety and allows me to properly express myself with out the use of verbal conversation.

I am Da Vinci, and my words are my Mona Lisa. Writing is my contribution to the world, and if I can reach out to just one person through my words and make a difference in his/her life, or even his/her day, then that would be all I need to be happy. I hope and pray that you find hope and inspiration through my words and discover who I am through what I say.