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My name is Carol Elgie and I am older than I want to admit Oh heke I am 62.

Before I joined hubpages my life was pretty well set. I was living and working in Kalamazoo, MI with my dog Blade and my three cats. All the kids were grown and out of the house. And although I had been a medical technologist for 25+ years I was now doing free lance research writing for a company in Arizonia. Then the company was sold and yeah you guessed more writing.

I lost my house and have had to move in with my oldest daughter and her family, bless their hearts. It has been a rough adjustment for all of us. But thank God it is actually working out well.

My interests are varied and range from gardening, to herbs and herbal medicine, resale shopping and anything that is old or interesting. My political views run to the left while my faith in God keeps me from getting too far out there.

As you can see, I write about a wide variety of subjects but because I am taking care of the grands full time, most of my hubs will be short and sweet. There's just not enough hours in the day for serious research.