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Where to start...

My name is Kay and I live in Quebec City, Canada with my sweet little Quebecois son and my loving boyfriend.

My unforgettable life changing experiences started when I moved to Quebec back in 2011, which was the same year my son was born.

Not only have I been through some rollercoaster experiences, but I have learned to grow from being out of my comfort zone on a daily basis; being an anglophone in a francophone world.

I wouldn't change any experience I have had; good or bad. This has built me up to the person I am today, who I can honestly say I am quite proud of.

Learning a new language has been exciting, frustrating, stimulating and challenging at times. It has truly been an enriching and enlightening experience living in Quebec, that I decided to stay here permanently.

My favourite pasttimes are:

- Family time

- Walking our big polar bear of a dog Paddington (aka: Paddy bear)

- Photography

- Swimming (Not professional, just in our pool)

- Long walks

- Helping my honey with our bees (no pun intended, wink wink)

- Snowboarding (Got to love Quebec for all the winter activities)

- Cross-country skiiing

- Watching old movies, especially musicals

- Listening to music and my boyfriend's jams

- Karaoke

- Dancing

- Writing (As of recently)

Well that is me in a nutshell. I could go on but then you wouldn't have time to read my articles!

Ciao for now, or as the French say, à la prochaine!