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Preston and Kate

Hi! We are Preston and Kate. We had no idea when we married each other that we’d find ourselves doing project after project together. We enjoy making our home feel like it’s ours. We are amateurs at almost everything we do. Painting, tiling, quilting, crafting, gardening, canning, thrifting. We attempt it all. We are currently swept up in finishing our basement. We’ve been given a blank slate of concrete walls and floors. The rest is up to us.

We’ve been married for almost four years, and the longer we’ve been married, the more we find how much we love being with each other. Life only grew better a couple months ago when we experienced the joy of having our first child.

Alongside our desires to create is a shared desire to make music. Seeing piano students coming and going from our front door is a normal occurrence. Our neighbors may also often hear the faint sound of a trumpet.

We find our joy in many places, but our greatest joy comes from serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. You can often find us serving in ministry at our local church. The blessings of serving alongside other believers, friends, and family are endless.

Hopefully you’ll find some hubs you’ll enjoy! Thanks for coming to our page.