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Hello I'm a thirty-something girl in this big wide world. Not too long ago I took a pause on life and lived in Cabo San Lucas, MX. The experience was nothing less of awesome. I took some time to write and work on my painting skills as well as taking in the nice moments in life. Since I have come back, I have taken another big leap in life by trying to sell my paintings on Etsy at TheWetNoodle. Check it out by clicking the NiaG's Website link on this page to your right or searching The Wet Noodle in Etsy. Next step is to write a book! Go big or go home right?

I have enjoyed my time here at hubpages. It's been a chance to practice my writing, earn a little extra cash and be around some talented writers.

If you're interested in joining Hubpages take a chance like so many of us have. With some time and effort, you too can watch your hubs flourish.