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Joseph Attard

Hi, I like HubPages because you get to 'know' people, their thoughts, pastimes, skills, etc. I spend time playing around on the Internet and pursuing my hobbies: writing about Gozo, my Island Home, drawing, painting, clay sculpture, playing classic guitar and reading. That's in Winter, cause in Summer I take up others connected with the sea, boating, fishing and sailing but I keep the drawing and reading :-) I also take care of my two little grandchildren (not little now in 2021) while their mother is at work. I love doing this (used to love). Now Krista is 15 and Andre' is 9).

I am on the Internet only in the evening/night time instead of watching TV. I also have a website about living and holidaying in Gozo, Malta. (not functioning any more)

Finally I must say that I find that Hubpages are great and easy to work with. Thank you HubPages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: My email address is now ...

Profile edited today 13th March, 2021.....