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Hi I'm Joanna, one of the writers here on One of my life long dreams was to become a writer. I have always enjoyed writing. Helping other people complete projects, repair their car or work with their horse better makes it all that much better!

In 2019 my hubs had been viewed 1,000,000 times and counting!!

When I joined Hubpages I found a place to write, and get good feedback on it. Feedback is what will improve your writing. I want to improve my writing for you, my readers, and the best way to learn how is feedback. I've been writing here on for many years, and I've learned so much from the community members, from my readers and Hubpages mentors.

Thanks to everyone here on Hubpages, I've improved my writing skills, by ten-fold, I've become confident in my writing ability, which, in turn encouraged me to take the leap and author several books! I don't think I would have realized my dream if I had not found Hubpages, and the encouragement I found here.

I see myself hubbing for many years to come!