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Fayme Zelena Harper

Recently I moved from the city to the high desert and traded in a city lifestyle for a country lifestyle.

All my articles are my own opinions based on my life experience. If you disagree with me, at least I know you are thinking.

About me: After four years of college I got into the entertainment field I've driven from coast to coast in the U.S.A. and appeared on radio and TV. When I'm not writing for Hubpages, I work on my longbow skills, do arts and crafts for my stores at ,, blog like crazy, sew my own costumes, fight with people that tell me to get a real job, and hypnotize my friends into submission. My interests are quite eclectic.

My daily blog:

My Twitters: (belly dancing) and (crafts).

My Squidoo:

I never dreamed when I joined Hubpages that thousands of people would be reading my words. It is humbling and amazing. Thank you for your helpful tips and comments. I appreciate the hard working hubpages staff and founders as well. They are visionaries. I am enjoying my seventh year on Hubpages.

Yours truly, Fayme Z. Harper


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