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Michele Kelsey

Michele Kelsey is THE freelance writer to know. Not only is she an exceptional writer, but she is also highly educated with four college degrees, including an MBA.

Her first language is English though she is well versed in Spanish as well, and she prides herself in the accuracy and originality of her content. She aims for customer satisfaction.

She has written creative works of literature through most of her life, both fiction and non-fiction. She's received awards and attended writer's conferences to further her skills as a writer.

Michele has provided her services independently and through online employment forums such as She focuses on quality over quantity.

Having worked as a manager for 8 years, she is proficient on most business topics and has perfected the importance of reliability, organization, responsibility, and the ability to pay attention to the details.

Now, as a full-time writer, Michele has rave reviews on the writing sites and clients she writes for. Buyers have provided her with outstanding reviews and glowing feedback.

A couple more ways that her family does charity work include "Magi-Boxes" and "Angel Trees." Magi-boxes are wrapped in Christmas paper full of toys, clothing or accessories, toiletries, and more. These boxes are given to a church specializing in this charity this year who then takes it to South Africa. It's an amazing charity that anyone can do and feel really happy that you did a good deed.

The final charity the Kelseys are involved in is the Angel Tree. The angel tree has little angels on paper on it, representing a child who will not have a Christmas due to their family's financial problems. Usually, the colors, sizes, and interests are on the angel so that you know what they need and what they want from Santa. It is such a wonderful charity that will bring you joy in knowing how you were able to bless a special child. Since I knit, I usually try to make them winter accessories in the colors they like.

Besides writing, her passions include homemaking (cleaning, organizing, and taking care of the home of her family), education (learning new things), embracing and sharing her knowledge of the business world, and knitting. Her second HubPages account is dedicated to the art of knitting; this account is under the username theflirtyknitter.

One of her more prolific passions is volunteer work. She hand knits scarves for sexual abuse victims who come to the local emergency rooms; this charity is called Threads of Compassion.

Each year around Christmas, she and her husband, Bryan, create gift sacks for the homeless around town; each gift sack includes toiletries, kleenexes, washcloths, and a homemade scarf knitted by Michele.

She has currently published over 100 quality articles on a vast array of topics on HubPages under the user name misslong123.

Michele welcomes new followers, friends, and writing employment opportunities to contact her at (please no spam mail).

She enjoys learning from other writers and getting constructive criticism on areas she can improve upon, so feel free to comment on any of her articles or send her fan mail on here.

Michele welcomes fan mail, feedback, recommended products related to her content, constructive criticism, or any questions. If I can't provide the answer due to my knowledge, I will happily help you find someone who can help you, so get ahold of me!

To get in touch with Michele Kelsey, use the email address

Can't wait to hear from you!