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Martyn Wright

I'm happily married and my wife is my rock and my best friend! We are definately on the same wavelength! I have two grown up sons from my previous marriage! It's like looking at a much younger version of myself whenever I see my lads!

I live in Staffordshire, England and have done so all my life. I'm very happy where I live, never feeling the need or having the inclination to uproots and live elsewhere.

I'm not well travelled overseas as flying is not something I enjoy. I had a couple of holidays to Spain many years ago, but always had the fear of flying back home in the back of my mind! This underlying fear obviously spoiled the holiday. However, I claim to have explored this fair isle of ours quiet comprehensivley ,from Lands end to John O' Groats. I'm now of the opinion that the British isles are amongst the most beautiful in the world, so too the wettest!

I enjoy the pastimes of real ale, photography, camping and good days out. Wherever I venture, barring work, I tend to have my camera with me. I've enjoyed photography all of my adult life but have never progressed beyond the level of Amateur! I tend to take photographs to document my life, where I've been and what I've done and who with.

We have a touring caravan and I could accurately be described as a camping geek! I love the outdoors and I enjoy the prospect of visiting a new campsite if only for a day or two.

I work long hours in a bakery and could be stereo typed as a typical manual worker, I work four shifts of twelve hours then have four rest days to myself. It is those rest days that have seen me a loyal employee for twenty seven years!