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Len Rapoport

I am currently the President and Founder of the
International Press Association a 23 year old international member based organization made up of photographers and journalists that are part of our independent staff and they contribute content to our websites.

As president of IPA I cover many events, trade shows and exciting media happenings for our web site. I also do a lot of travel reviews of exotic locations and great cruises and will begin to publish some of these here.

IPA has many new groups on major networking sites in an effort to meet new people interested in joining our staff. We have a profiles and/or groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other sites.

Our online publication IMPress continues to receive rave reviews and has articles on travel, sports, shows, and so much more. IMPress is great magazine featuring lots of travel articles and photographs by our award winning independent staff of photographers and writers of all skill levels.

Since I am a professional photojournalist, please note that all of my writings and images are © Len Rapoport and may not be used or copied in any way without written permission.

Thank you for visiting my profile and reading some of my articles. I will be publishing a number of new articles and photos in the near future.