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I have been writing for  Hub pages  for a year now and have truly enjoyed becoming a part of the community. It is a priveledge to be able to write and read and interact with other writers and characters from all walks of life. Where else can you do that?

I am a mom, painter and teacher, literature and history/humanities enthusiast, and nature lover. I live in St. Louis Missouri and love it here. I am originally from the heartland of Kansas, and I have to admit one of my favorite places in the world are the Flint Hills in Kansas.I have taught watercolor to kids and adults for quite a few years now and love it. Presently I teach 5 year olds- 70 year olds and find it inspiring and surprising on a daily basis!  My own painting includes lanscapes, abstracts, and little "corners" of life.

 To see some of my  artwork, go to 

My blog is   " On being an artist" - everything from what I'm doing with students, working on in the studio, artists I'm reading about, etc.

I also write about  a few of my favorite things at


 I am interested in life, nature, people, the spiritual side of human beings, travel, art, and new ideas. Formerly owned an espresso shop complete with art, music and great people. I left that behind when I got married and began on my own art journey in earnest. I practice yoga daily because of some major back issues, and have found it to be a very healing discipline. I actually have been able to heal myself through yoga, which I would never have thought possible a few years ago.  I try to go out to my studio and paint daily and try to find a balance in my writing and painting.  Above all I strive to be authentic in both. Creating art is a great joy in my life.   Writing, like painting, is good for the soul and good for living well. If you are interested in writing for Hub pages, go to

I welcome and appreciate feedback and comments.  Look forward to our paths crossing here on Hub Pages-