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Gina Welds

As a Natural Health Coach, my goal is to help clients create strategies to make lifestyle modifications that can prevent or manage chronic conditions, and to have a better quality of life, as well as to thrive with a chronic illness. I am also a certified Herbalist as well as an Aromatherapy Consultant, with a degree in Psychology, thus I provide holistic health and wellness resources to take one from merely surviving to THRIVING

As a motivational speaker, I share personal stories of triumph over chronic illness, of success, of failure, of persistence and hard work and events that changed my life, and propelled me toward a better one. My journey includes one of a near death experience and a dramatic change in my treatment regimen, which has empowered me to become an active participant in my health care team, as well as gaining the tools to thrive and to enable others to truly thrive.

As an International Travel Writer and Photographer, and a member of the ITWPA, I share that it is possible to live a fulfilling and thriving life, even when battling a chronic illness. I love to travel, and will be sharing tips on how to travel safely, and enjoy yourself, even when ill.

As an Art Teacher, I fully believe that the Arts are for enriching lives. I will share several lessons that I have taught over the years that I found most beneficial to my students.

Don't make a settlement with your life! Don't settle for partial fulfillment Life is a vapor and your journey has a destination....towards THRIVING!