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Gareth Pritchard

I have been an artist for 40 years and accomplished many successful paintings and pictures on many different subjects presented on many different surfaces or canvases so to speak.

Drawing and art has brought much success my way financially and in other rewards such as love, feelings of self worth and confidence.

I am originally a self-taught artist who returned to education in later life to gain academic qualifications in this and other subjects.


I started my present journey towards the end of 1989 by going to art collage then university and offering my time to help others, one particular accomplishment was helping a man regain his confidence, mobility and independence. This was a task that consumed much of my time for 18 months but also rewarded me in many, many ways but none more than actually helping someone less fortunate than myself.

In 1996 I undertook the task with others of raising awareness and funding to establish a more holistic service for those wanting to escape the cycle of substance use within my home town of Wrexham, North Wales.

1997 took me to NEWI University to study for a Diploma in Youth and Community work which was the area I was already working in by doing what I was doing.

Since 1995 I have worked with many young people and community groups having accomplished many successful out comes by helping others.

I believe success is a journey not a destination and a life must be measured from beginning to end not in isolated events.