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Hi there, let me introduce myself. I'm a qualified Beauty therapist and Nail techie who lives in the tropics. I have been in the business for over 20 years and worked in salons, for myself, been a trainer and worked freelance on parades, celebs etc. I have had articles and my work published in Nail magazines and won various International Nail Art comps. I also am "Mum" to two very busy boys. I'm trained as a Primary School Maths tutor and help children with maths 'gaps'. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping these children get up to level. Oh, did I mention I LOVE travel. My blogs will cover these topics and anything else I know a bit about! I'm going to do a whole men's, teenage and women's series on skin, nails, feet etc so please follow along if this interests you. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions.