Rachel Koski Nielsen

My name's Rachel - I've been "Farmer Rachel" since 2010, but am recently having a bit of an identity crisis in that I'm not actually a farmer right now.

I've managed the farm at a living history museum with my husband in Pennsylvania, had my own small farming business in Minnesota, raised sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and calves, grown a market garden and been a seller at farmers markets. I've been a gardener, dog trainer, and homesteader. I used to drive horses, make wine, and tan hides.

I've failed at small farming and sold off all my livestock. My land is "resting" as of 2020, and I'm back to school.

I'm currently a graduate student, earning a masters in psychology, and ultimately plan to become a licensed mental health counselor. In my farming adventure, I've become a mental health practitioner on the side, and it turns out I like it, and see a career for myself in the field. A different field from what I'm usually talking about, if you'll pardon the joke.

Is farming in my future? Almost certainly. I think it's in my blood. But I need to come at it from a different angle the next time around.

I'm still Farmer Rachel. I'm also just Rachel. & I have more to say and share.

I thank you for visiting my page and my articles.