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Hi you there, call medeepateresa, my ever time favourite pen name.In deepateresa, deepa is my first name and teresa is my baptism name.I’m basically from Kerala, India – The God’s own country… For the past 11 years I was a software professional, inTechnopark - first and largest technology park in India. Now a stay at mom. In my spare time, (I rarely get spare time, because of my lovely Anna & Annie, my sweet daughters) I love to read, cook, experiment on my dresses by stitching new ones etc.

I am here in Hubpages since 2012. It’s great pleasure to have such a platform, to express and share whatever I feel and experience throughout my life. Expressing via writing is becoming, more and more interesting as it is getting paid off.

Now I would like to introduce myself to you in detail.

I live with my sweet daughters Anna & Annie, my husband Biju Thomas and my parents. My daughter, Anna is 8 years Old and you can see her photos in most of my stitching hubs. She really enjoys the job of Mamma's Model.Annie is our new member and she is 5 months old now. Encouragement and support from my Husband and my Family is the real inspiration, which keeps me going.

I started Hubpages, just to share some of my knowledge in cooking. To introduce the world, with the traditional taste of Kerala. But then I could share my yet another talent – Stitching.

Then again upon request from my friends, I got opportunity to spend time, on writing the day to day stuffs in which I guide my friends often, that includes –Finance & other Related How to Areas.

I am also concentrating on unlocking the culture and ways of Kerala - God's own country

I love to hear from you all. I will try to reply for your emails and comments. Due to my day to day work, to reply back immediately is not possible, but still I will try my best to return to you as soon as possible.

With this I conclude and do keep in touch.

Deepa John

(updated on 24 July 2017)