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Comfort Babatola

I've discovered a wealth of hidden talents and abilities in me that only God in heaven could have revealed to me, even though it took very trying seasons in my life to finally get there. I'm still discovering myself, but this little I know and therefore share with you - that blessed is anyone who has the Everlasting God as his or her God.

I started writing over a year ago, and I haven't stopped since. I write on everything that I'm passionate about, from home decorating ideas, to latest shoe fashion for ladies. I sometimes touch on my faith in Christ in hope that I could reach someone out there through my life experiences. I also write about my love for travel, and cooking healthy cuisines.

Prior to writing, I was an Adjunct Instructor in IT at a local college, and a Computer Application Instructor at an Air Force Base. Now I work part-time as a Substitute-Teacher at my county's public school. It's been quite an experience! A rewarding one at that.

Other interests of mine - sewing, knitting, leather works, reading (which I don't do so much of anymore), and jewelry making. And you may find me writing on these interests of mine too.

Look Upward, Stay blessed!