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Dominique Lecomte

I spent my childhood in Rambervillers, a small town in the East of France, and I started quite early to write poems and short stories.

I arrived in the United States in 1994. My writing turned to existential dialogues and short texts with photos. I decided to publish them myself as books and blogs.

Then, a few years ago, I decided to write about Boston and to offer self-guided tours of the city. Following that, I did the same for New York City.

That's mainly what I will write about on this site.

The idea of these walks is to show you how to go from known places to unusual ones. You remain independent, but you have a guide to help you in your discoveries.

These walks focus on the arts and architecture, parks and garden, sea and rivers. Emphasis is on free entrance and one of a kind experiences.

From one of my sites whose address is above (the little house), you'll find my others sites, blogs, and links to these walks.

Enjoy !