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Chris Mercer

I live in Winter Haven, Florida with my wife and two children whom I love dearly. I am originally from Northwest Pennsylvania, but have lived in Florida since 1995 and both of my children are something kind of rare; native born Floridians.

I work at one of the Central Florida Theme Parks and have done so since I moved to Florida in 1995. Because I do not want to take a chance on running afoul of the online media rules pertaining to social media uses that might reflect on the company, you will almost certainly never hear me intentionally identify the theme park by name.

I am a passionate self educated photographer who is always trying to learn even more about my passion. Because of a lifelong love of the outdoors and nature I prefer wildlife and nature photography and feel that I am best at that. I am working on improving my knowledge and experience in creating more artistic images in city and landscape photography also.

Photography has many facets and genres which can easily be explored for a lifetime. At it's most basic for me, it is all about capturing what it is that I am seeing in a way that gives a new perspective on ordinary animals, objects and people.