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All of my life I have been observing, now, through my writing and Graphics, I am sharing my observations and opinions (sometime quite strong).
Happily married, to the same beautiful lady since 1962. We have been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren.
My many interests include :photography, painting, sculpting and making the odd piece of jewelery. I love lively discussion, feel free to visit my Hubs and leave a comment or three! You will find them all listed below.

My wife has joined me here writing on HubPages. She recounts her take on life as "Oliversmum". I hope you will find it as interesting a read as I have.

Remember if I can do it "you can to" and if you want to write and publish for fun, and maybe make a little bit of money, join HubPages for free! Sign up now!

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I also run a blog called GreyPowerTimes The blog tells how an old guy like me views the world ?

I can be found on the Internet via: Google+