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Adelaide Damoah

I am a visual artist and freelance writer living and working in the UK. I have created this hub as a space for me to freely discuss art through my own projects and the work of others.

I am currently working on a project called "Art Success," which is a series of interviews with artists and art world professionals about their thoughts and experiences regarding success in the art world. This includes their very personal and unique journeys, frank discussions about failure and some talk about the politics of the art establishment.. All very interesting to me. I will use my hub pages to openly discuss what I have learned from each interview with a view to passing on quick tips and interesting bits of information in summary form.

The interviews are published in their entirety on my blog, another art blog called Contemporary and Modern Art and in edited form in a print magazine called Lime.

I may from time to time also choose to write about other art related topics... For more information on my own art work and career to date, feel free to visit my website. For the Art Success interviews, please refer to my blog which can be accessed via the site.